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4,000+ Active North American Franchise Companies, Including 32,000+ Key Contacts With Titles

When you invest valuable time, money and energy on mailings or sales calls, you need the most accurate and extensive data available. Our research staff is dedicated to building the data, verifying and updating it on an ongoing basis to provide you with:

Initial cost:

$1,000 for the Standard Franchisor Database of over 4,000 franchisors and their key contact, title, and email address.

$1,500 for the Enhanced Franchisor Database. Same as above, but includes over 32,000 additional key contacts. Over 20,000 verified contacts in 2017.

If the franchising industry represents a significant portion of your existing or projected sales revenues, you know how important it is to keep track of the industry's constantly changing players. If you have tried to maintain the list yourself, you no doubt realize how expensive and time-consuming the task is. World Franchising Network removes this hassle by making our Franchisor Database available for a modest cost.

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