Frequently Asked Questions

How many contacts are listed in the franchisor database for each company?

So that our database clients can contact the proper decision makers within each franchise system, we note the senior executives that we are aware of at any point in time. Presidents and CEOs are designated with a 1 in Column I. The other key officers and contacts are designated with a 1 in Column H. For those contacts who we have identified as active in 2016, there is a 1 in Column K - “2016 Verify.” The Primary Contact for the company is in Column G. This is the contact that the Franchisor prefers that third parties use. The Standard Franchisor Database includes over 4,000 Franchisors. The Enhanced Franchisor Database includes an additional 22,000 contacts and their titles.

Are email addresses included in the database?

Because of the FCC's CAN-SPAM Rules, we are precluded from providing more than a single email address for each company. This is usually the direct email address for the preferred contact person for franchising. In many companies, especially for smaller franchise systems, the contact person may also be the president. In maybe 20% of the cases, the email address provided is generic — e.g. or

Are international franchisors included in the database?

The database includes only active North American franchisors and does not include franchisors headquartered outside the USA or Canada.

How often is the database updated? How accurate is the database?

The World Franchising Network maintains a database in excess of 22,000 unique email addresses within the franchising industry. On average, we send out several email blasts every month to various segments of the franchising industry. When analytic reports come back, we immediately remove all bounced email addresses from our database. Consequently, the database we provide to database clients should be over 95% accurate at any point in time.

For the number of Franchised Units and Company-Owned Units, our objective is to provide the most current number of actual operating units. Unfortunately, many franchisors also include units when an agreement has been signed, but are not yet operational. The cells that relate to Total Investment are provided solely as a reference point and are not available for all franchisors. These numbers change with some frequency and may not reflect the most current information. Similarly, the data for Year of Incorporation and First Year Franchising are for reference purposes only. We provide this information when we have it, with the knowledge that it varies somewhat depending upon the source. For a more detailed explanation, see the Maintenance link above.

Do you provide a rebate for inaccurate mailing or email addresses?

While we guarantee the accuracy of the mailing addresses ($.50 rebate for each returned mailing), we do not guarantee the accuracy of the email addresses. Whereas we might generate 50 bounced email addresses from an email blast of 10,000 recipients (well under 1%), we have found that the number of inaccurate emails is often a function of the lag time between when the database is purchased and when the email blast is sent out, as well as how the email is sent and the software used. Accordingly, a client’s bounce rate might be substantially higher than might otherwise be the case using state-of-the-art technology.

How is the industry category determined for each franchisor?

Working with FRANdata, we have streamlined our industry breakdown to 29 distinct industry categories. In some cases, a company might prefer to be listed in another or more than one industry group. For the most part, however, we feel that most companies are listed in a category that most accurately reflects what they do.

Further Recommendations

Until a year or so ago, we used the most popular email marketing software provider to send out our emails. Using this popular software, however, often resulted in as many as 600 bounces out of approximately 10,000 unique email addresses. Because of our ongoing efforts to maintain the accuracy of the database, we knew, however, that the vast majority of the email addresses that had bounced were in fact current and active email addresses. We subsequently switched to another email marketing firm (Vidi Emi) that has reduced the number of bounces to 50 or less for an email blast of nearly 10,000 unique email addresses. All bounces are immediately eliminated from our database. If you would like more information about Vidi Emi, please contact Reza Sirafinejad at (510) 667-9999. While their services are more expensive than that of the email marketing software provider we were using, our throughput of emails and the on-going design assistance we receive from them more than justifies the incremental expense.

The database we provide to clients includes over 4,000 active North American franchisors. Given these difficult economic times, we do our best to eliminate companies that are no longer actively franchising. Similarly, since we are in constant contact with the franchising industry, we are generally privy to new franchisors.