Better Understanding the Franchisor Database

Sortable Fields Comments
Total Franchisors in Database ~4,200
Total Contacts and Titles in Database ~28,000
Specific Fields
Franchised Units Generally from FDDs or IFA Guide
Company-Owned Units Generally from FDDs or IFA Guide
  Total Operating Units Generally from FDDs or IFA Guide
IFA Member ~1,100 Franchisors in IFA 2019 Fall Directory
CFA Member Incomplete
Low Investment $ in 000s, Generaly from FDD
High Investment $ in 000s, Generaly from FDD
Average Total Investment $ in 000s, Arithmetic average
Franchise Fee Generally a fixed $ amount, ~15% provide a range of Fees
Royalty Generally a fixed %, ~15% provide a range of Royalty Rates
Provide an Item 19 in 2019 FDD Based on ~2,300 2019 FDDs
Year Incorporated 90%
Year First Franchised 90%
New Franchisors Since 1/1/2019 ~380 Franchisors
Primary Industry Food, Lodging, Retail and Service
Franchising Industry Breakdown 30 Categories
Industry Sub-Category ~240 Sub-Categories
Part of Conglomerate List parent company where relevant - 80% accurate
US or Canada Location of Headquarters
Primary Functional Areas Defined
President President, CEO, Founder, Chairman, Owner, Principal
C-Level All President + Chief Titles + Executive Vice Presidents
Fran. Dev./Marketing Any title relating to Marketing or Sales
Finance Any title relating to Finance
Operations Any title relating to Operations or Support
Strategy/Growth Any title relating to Strategy, Growth, Experience, etc.
Real Estate Any title relating to Real Estate
IT Any title relating to Information, Digital, Technology
Attorney Any title relating to Attorney, Counsel, Legal
No Title No title provided
Contacts Verified in 2019 Generally through 2019 FDDs or other reliable document
Contact Title Provided 95%
Franchisor Database with Contacts/Titles $3,000
Franchisor Database without Contacts/Titles $2,250
Custom Sort $800 Minimum
Constraint Only 1 Email Address per Company


The sorting by functional areas is solely a funtion of the contact's title.