FranBlast Program

Because of our strong and long-standing relationship with the franchising industry, the WorldFranchising Network is able to maintain an extensive and accurate database of over 4,000 active North American franchisors, as well as the senior executives at those firms. Among other data, the record for each executive also includes his or her email address. Because we send out emails to the industry on a regular basis, we are able to ensure the accuracy of our list, which currently exceeds 25,000 email addresses. Maybe 75% of these email addresses are accurate at any point in time. Because of the CAN-Spam Act, we are precluded from selling, renting or otherwise providing this list to third parties. We can, however, send out an email blast on behalf of qualified third parties using all of the relevant email addresses in our database.

Digital Marketing Partner

All emails will be sent out through Vidi Emi, a California-based company that specializes in digital marketing. We have worked with Vidi Emi for several years and have the utmost confidence in their ability to deliver emails to the intended recipients. Clients are invoiced only for the emails that actually reach the intended recipient. Unfortunately, however, neither we nor Vidi Emi has any control over the number of click-throughs or recipients that take advantage of the message relayed. We encourage you to contact Vidi Emi directly (510-904-6900) if you wish to use your own email list without our involvement.

Sequence of Events

The process functions as follows:

  1. You forward a draft of your proposed email blast (including both text and graphics), as well as the proposed text for the Subject of the blast. Since the email will come from you, you need to indicate the email address that you would like associated with the blast, as well as your mailing address (for legal reason). Subsequent reports will be forwarded to this same email address.
  2. Next, we notify you as to whether or not the blast you have composed is of legitimate interest to the intended audience of franchisors. The World Franchising Network has complete discretion as to the applicability of any email blast forwarded to the franchise executives on our email list.
  3. You then notify us of the specific market that you want to reach: i.e. a) all franchise executives in our proprietary database; b) only Presidents, CEOs, etc; c) specific industry groups (food-service, lodging, retail and/or service-based franchisors); d) other custom sorts.
  4. Once accepted, we proof the draft email for errors and suggest changes that might improve the message. To ensure the success of your email blast, it is incumbent upon you to write a succinct, clear message that specifically addresses the needs of your target audience.
  5. You accept or reject the suggested changes to your message and return the email blast for final submission. We forward your email and our database to the vendor we have chosen to send out the email blast.
  6. The email blast is sent out to the intended audience.
  7. A Results Report summarizing the outcomes of the email blast is ultimately forwarded to the “sender.” This report includes the number of emails that were sent, the number that arrived at the intended email addresses, the number that had “click-throughs,” and other analytics.


Billing will be directly correlated to the number of emails that actually arrive at their intended email addresses. At the outset, we will provide you with an estimate of the number of emails we feel should be successfully received. To the extent that you want the email to be sent to all of the executives in our database, the cost would be $.08 for every email that makes its way through to the intended recipient. Alternatively, if you want it sent only to Presidents, CEOs, Founders, etc., the cost would be $.40 for every email that makes its way through to the intended recipient.

In addition, there is a $250 set-up charge to customize your email and include whatever links you would like the recipient to receive.

You would be invoiced $750 prior to actually sending out the email blast.

Following the submission of the Results Report to you by Vidi Emi, we would modify the invoice to properly reflect the emails that actually made it through to the intended receiver. A credit or debit would be added to your credit card and a copy sent to you.


Roughly one week after the blast has been completed, you will receive a report similar to the one displayed below.

Subsequent Email Blasts

To the extent that you would like to take advantage of additional email blasts to the franchising community, the blast would take advantage of an updated email mailing list that we maintain. If you are sending out the same message, there would be no set-up charge. Understandably, any franchise community members who opted out of your earlier email blast(s) would be specifically excluded from future mailings. The last thing we would want to do is antagonize franchise community executives who have previously requested not to receive additional emails from you.

Alternative to Email Blast

If you would prefer to send out your own email blast to the franchising industry, please go to the website. Please keep in mind, however, that, because of the CAN-Spam Act, the database includes only one email address per company. Click here to download a sample database. Clients are allowed unlimited usage. The database is emailed to you in an Excel spreadsheet format. There is a minimum charge of $500 for custom sorts that we provide.

About Us

To learn more about the World Franchising Network and our 20-year relationship with the franchising community, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (888) 612-9908.

Thank you in advance for your interest and consideration.